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Founded in 1958, Tunacor Group Ltd was first established as a Pilchard Cannery and Fishmeal facility.  The company has grown and transformed over time, initially under South African ownership and later under Spanish management, but it was finally in 2014 when Tunacor Fisheries Ltd became 100% wholly Namibian owned that the company started to develop its full potential, becoming a flagship within our fishing industry. As a renowned fish harvester with an exceptional range of value-added products, Tunacor has the infrastructure and skills to ultimately deliver world class products that satisfy our customers locally and internationally.  Our brand’s popularity recognizes our reputation as one of the most reliable and efficient fishing companies in Namibia.  We take pride in being one of the first Namibian companies to focus mainly on processing and exporting value-added products directly to the retail segment of our main markets. We provide meaningful employment to the Namibian nation across all regions of Namibia with over 2,100 highly trained employees who work to ensure that our clients receive top quality products.
At present, Tunacor Fisheries operates the largest Namibian fishing fleet comprising of 12 trawlers and 3 long liners all harvesting the highest quality and nutrient rich fish from our Atlantic Ocean.
Our production facilities undergo independent third-party Food Safety Audits. Our Quality Assurance department drives an internationally recognized regime of food safety and food defense with full traceability ensuring that our final products comply with the most demanding quality standards.
We are committed to the core idea of quality, value and reliability. For many years we have continuously been developing and innovating our products to ensure that our clients receive the best products that the ocean has to offer. This commitment ensures we supply top quality products to retailers, distributors as well as the food service industry. Tunacor is continuously searching for new trends and opportunities to enhance our products for the benefit of our customers.
The Marketing, Sales and Distribution of Tunacor’s products are performed from our main office in Walvis Bay which caters for the local Namibian market as well as a number of International markets.  With our strategically placed marketing divisions around the world we have managed to extend our reach all over the world, delivering a wide range of products at competitive prices.  



To become the role model of a new fishing industry on the basis of being fully Namibian owned, internationally competitive, successful and socially responsible.

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